Nowadays, rational management of water resources is of fundamental importance to modern societies, where these resources are seen as scarce. HIDROMOD has accumulated relevant experience in this field, in resource evaluation (quantity and quality), management and planning.

Management plans

Our activity in this field has embraced hydrology, water quality in rivers and reservoirs and risk assessment. Experience has been acquired by participating in the management plans of the hydrographic basins of Alentejo, Algarve and Madeira (Portugal) and the São Francisco River (Brazil), allowing the development of innovative integrated approach methods to plan and manage hydric resources.

Flood waves

Other projects have given us relevant experience in flood wave propagation studies, determination of flood-prone areas and the production of flood risk maps.


Additionally, HIDROMOD has developed support methods for precision irrigation, aiming to provide counselling to farmers on how to optimise water use. Agriculture being one of the major water consumption segments of society, a thorough management of this resource is presently a key concern for Europe and the rest of the world.