Efficient data management and the ability to anticipate problems or to plan operations in an efficient way constitute critical aspects for water and sewage companies, due to ever more demanding legal regulations and the need to increase the efficiency of systems explorations, safety and information to consumers and the general public.

HIDROMOD has gathered relevant experience in this field, providing systems with the ability to take maximum advantage of the large amount of data that is presently available, acquired through telemetry and other sensors. This data is turned into useful information after being processed, organised and reported.


Operational systems

This ability has been materialised through a platform that allows real-time model exploration, process setup and dynamic research modes appropriate to each situation (urban discharges, treatment systems, leakages, water quality, energy, etc.). Analysing and crosschecking the thousands of signals presently available allows the creation of information to improve knowledge of the actual systems’ functioning, to timely detect anomalies and to calculate performance indicators in real-time.

Examples of this type of applications are the Lisbon sewage network system and the leakage detection system implemented in the Muscat network (Oman).