HIDROMOD provides services based on operational systems which are able to produce information according to the users’ needs. This information may derive from data (including real-time data), high resolution models or the combination of both.

The systems operated by HIDROMOD include different interconnected numeric models, linked to real-time measurement systems, supporting decision-making by navigation and port authorities, water companies, hydroelectric production and public service organisations.

Some of the services made available by HIDROMOD are:

  • High-resolution meteo-oceanographic forecast system for ports in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Colombia;
  • Water quality forecast system for beaches in Barcelona and Biarritz (client: SUEZ ENVIRONMENT);
  • Hydrocarbon spill forecast system for the Malacca and Singapore straits (client: IMO);
  • Real-time management of measured and modelled data, to produce indicators and control discharges in the receiving environment of the Lisbon sewage system (client: EPAL);
  • Real-time management of measured data and numeric forecasts supporting the Galicia Accidental Sea Contamination Territorial Plan (CAMGAL Plan) (client: INTECMAR);
  • Leakage forecast system for a water distribution network in Oman (client: L&T).

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