HIDROMOD’s consulting experience derives from our continuous activity, since 1992, in environmental impact assessment studies, risk analysis, engineering and planning projects. Our curriculum includes over 100 clients and the participation in more than 430 projects in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

Presently, HIDROMOD is a quality reference among all our clients, due to our acknowledged competence in numerical modelling and information technologies.

Our main projects have covered the following fields of expertise:

  • Hydrodynamic modelling of rivers, estuaries, coastal and deep ocean areas;
  • Wave propagation in coastal areas and ports;
  • Sediment transport and morphological changes due to waves, currents and their combined action in rivers, estuaries and coastal areas;
  • Integrated water cycle approaches, from run-off to the ocean, including hydrographic basin modelling, evaluation of concentrated and diffuse charges, as well as quality processes in rivers, reservoirs and estuaries;
  • Spillage of oil and other pollutants. Modelling, risk evaluation and associated emergency plans;
  • Urban hydraulics. Management and planning optimisation of water and sewage distribution networks, via integration of forecast models and real-time data.
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