In a time of increasing pressure on inland and marine water resources, continuous acquisition of knowledge of these systems’ dynamics is fundamental.

HIDROMOD creates and provides practical solutions, based on numeric modelling and Information Technologies. Many clients have benefitted from our proven work in various areas of the hydrological cycle, covering different sectors. We provide skills and technical tools with the ability to reduce implementation and operational costs.

Since 1992, we have continuously invested in research and training activities, either by participating in European scientific projects or through our connections with universities.

Presently, with a background of around 500 projects, alongside a quality management system certified by the ISO 9001 standard, we offer a combination of engineering experience, scientific knowledge and capacity for technological implementation.

Our goal is to serve our clients by continuously improving products and services, using highly qualified human resources, technological innovation and teamwork. This allows us to create projects according to clients’ requirements and needs, using the most suitable techniques to solve their problems.


HIDROMOD’s quality management system is aims to:

  • Focus our attention on the satisfaction of internal and external clients;
  • Enlarge our company’s fields of technical expertise, with the aim of satisfying our clients’ present and future needs;
  • Comply with each project’s defined steps and milestones, ensuring that the client’s requirements are met;
  • Increase everyone’s participation in continuous improvement and innovation.
HIDROMOD has accumulated relevant experience in various fields, having participated in more than 430 projects for over two decades. The following list shows the most relevant projects with HIDROMOD’s participation. A full project list may be consulted here
Civil eng. PhD
Environmental eng. Master | Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer
Agronomic Eng. PhD
Computer Science | Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer
Administrative Secretary
Meteorologist and Oceanographer, MSc
Meteorologist and Oceanographer, MSc
Architect, MArch | Frontend developer
Environmental Engineering, MSc
Computer Scientist
IWA Global Honour, awarded to AQUASAFE’s Smart Management Tool Implementation of the SIMTEJO Wastewater System

On August 15th 2012, the International Water Association announced the 2012 IWA Project Innovation Awards Global Winners. “AQUASAFE – Smart Management Tool Implementation of SIMTEJO Wastewater System” from HIDROMOD, LDA and SIMTEJO, SA, was one of the Honour Award winners, in the Operations/Management category.

During the 8th IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition, in Busan (Korea), Adélio Silva from HIDROMOD made a short presentation on AQUASAFE and received the award.

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