Ever since its foundation, HIDROMOD has always promoted a strong connection to the Research and Development (R&D) universe. Along with the technical skills of our co-workers, this connection has allowed our company to maintain a high technological level to this day, mostly through the use of internally developed tools (models, graphic packages, databases and GIS). HIDROMOD is also a Silver Application Development Partner of MICROSOFT CORPORATION.

This active involvement in R&D has potentiated an effective link to the scientific community, by participating in international research projects such as EROCIPS, FIGARO, MYWATER, INSEA and ECOMANAGE. We have also co-oriented bachelor, masters and doctorate theses, as well as the publication of scientific articles (list of publications).

In tandem with this knowledge integration effort, HIDROMOD has developed and maintained two tools which are fundamental for the services we provide: the MOHID Modelling Service (www.mohid.com) and the AQUASAFE Platform (aquasafe.hidromod.com).


MOHID is a modelling system with several modules, for hydrodynamic calculation (including the possibility of using different options for horizontal and vertical meshes), water quality (including formulations similar to the WASP, CE-QUAL and ERSEM models), dispersion phenomena (including Lagrangian and Eulerian approximations), sediment transport (including suspended sediment transport and sand transport formulations) and wave propagation (Boussinesq model).


The AQUASAFE platform aims to improve the efficiency of operation management, potentiating the use of real-time data and its integration with forecast and diagnostic tools. According to all the implemented concepts of the AQUASAFE platform, this integration is achieved by managing measured data (sensors, remote detection) and modelled data (meteorology, waves, currents, water or sewage distribution networks, run-off, river flow) in a uniform manner.

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